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To expeditiously implement smart grid

Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai has instructed at the meeting on 13/2 with leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam Electricity report on the roadmap for smart grid development in accordance with Decision 1670/2012 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister.Triển khai lưới điện thông minh
Corporations Central Power SCADA system was fitted, software, hardware, automation for a number of 110 kV. Photo: Ngoc Tho
According to the report, 2013 was set up the system to conduct data collection, monitoring SCADA, remote metering system to entire power plants with a capacity greater than 30 MW, the substation from 110 kV and above in the power system.

2014, is expected to related units will boost operational efficiency program power system, connecting SCADA, telemetry meters; Optimal operation of transmission networks, distribution networks. Experiment Center remote control of Da Nhim-Ham Thuan-Da Mi; Test automation equipment, remote control of transformer stations and distribution systems DAS.

According to the scheme developed Smart Grid in Vietnam, from now until 2016, will complete the project SCADA / EMS Dispatch Centre for the National Power System, the System Moderation Center domain power. Completing the system automatically reads electronic meters upstream metering, power delivery to all power plants and stations 500 kV, 220 kV, 110 kV.

Besides, the task is set to deploy applications to enhance the reliability, optimal operation of electricity transmission grids, power distribution networks, reducing power losses; strengthen incident recording system, detection system and anti-large scale outages to ensure secure transmission over 500 kV power system and initially equipped with SCADA systems for a number of electricity distribution corporation ; system equipped with software, hardware, telecommunication systems, automation systems and remote control for a number of 110 kV option.

Also in the period ahead, will apply test infrastructure system advanced metering (AMI - Advanced Metering Infrastructure) in a large number of customers of the Electricity Corporation of Ho Chi Minh City to implement plan the load management. And pilot projects to integrate the power supply using renewable energy at the Electric Power Corporation Central: Apply to small hydro power, electric power using renewable energy.

Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai said that the context of growing power system size, complexity, the construction of infrastructure, information technology, telecommunications and strengthen the monitoring system, automatic control system electrical, remote metering system is indispensable requirement in order to enhance power quality, power supply reliability, contributing to manage electricity demand, encourage the use of energy-saving and efficiency. Thereby, improve demand forecasting electricity load and power supply planning, limiting the power reduction due to the lack of mechanisms through peak load shifting during peak hours or emergencies. Consequently, agencies and units involved in the field of electricity should cooperate closely and urgently implement the tasks in the roadmap for large-scale, synchronized at all stages of the project in the overall scheme government.

Smart grid (Smart Grid) is the electrical system can be integrated into smart actions of all components connected to the grid, from power plants, the user or the second unit performs both this role in order to improve highly economical, sustainable and ensure stable power supply.

Characteristics of the smart grid:

• Ability to automatically restore the power supply when the problem occurred outage for customers
• Anti intentional attacks against the system both in terms of physical and computer networks.
• Help the development of distributed power sources (power generation, energy storage, demand reduction ...)
• Help the development of renewable energy sources
• Provides the ability to improve power quality and reliability of power supply
• Optimize operational Masons to reduce the cost of production, transmission and distribution costs, including new investment and upgrade electrical systems
• Basic tools of the electricity market operator spacious area.
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