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Electricity production by mechanical carpet undersea waves

During the past 5 years, Professor Peza Alam same team of scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have successfully studied a method for making carpet underground mechanical wave seabed to produce electricity.
This is equipment for receiving natural energy of the ocean, which theoretically 100% efficient compared to 10-20% efficiency of solar energy.
Professor Peza Alam, average per square meter earth's surface receives only 300-400wat solar radiation, while the waves on an equivalent area in coastal California, USA, can generate 45 kilowatts of power measure. He explained, if you want to produce the same amount of energy it needs 150 square meters of solar cells. Just 10 meters of the coast of California also produce an equivalent amount of electricity the solar panels the size of a stadium wide.
The team has designed a tank on trials and experiments 2m successful prototype wave rubber mats. In fact, the waves running in different directions and rubber may be tearing brine. So scientists have designed a 3m pool and replaced by silicon rubber or composite materials.
Alam is not the first scientists dreamed advantage of wave energy. But other than power production plants by the waves, his equipment has dominance. Equipment does not float on the sea surface that puts underwater.
First, the ships still operating normally without fear of hindrance.
Secondly, upon the occurrence of storms do not have to stop working.
When hurricanes, wind turbines and plants floating on the sea can be destroyed, while the carpet is still safe underground. Prof. Alam Group will install a real disaster in the ocean in 2016 with the hope in 10 years, the price of electricity produced by underground mats can compete with current electricity prices in the United States, there are nearly 10 cents a kilowatt / hour.
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